What is All My Relations (amR)?

All My Relations is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is strongly rooted in core values of personal service, collaboration and highly curated vintage fashion and design. Our core medium is the traditional art form of Chainstitch Embroidery, Vintage Denim restoration, re design and tailoring of vintage garments. 


Do you ship Worldwide? 

Yes we ship all our products worldwide via Fed Ex.


Do you guys have a retail location?

We are currently online only but we do have a design spaces in Sydney and Los Angeles. Please email us and we can setup a meeting to discuss your project.


What is Chainstitch Stitch Embroidery?

Chainstitch Embroidery is a hand made form of stitch that is performed on a machine called a "BONNAZ". The BONNAZ machine was first made by the Cornely Company in France in the early 1900's. It was then licensed  in the early part of the century by The Singer Company in the USA. In the US it was made famous in the Western Wear culture, Hotrod Car Clubs and Motorcycle clubs of the 1950's through to the early 1980's. Musicians like Elvis Presley and Graham Parsons also gave the art form it's iconic style and look wearing the "Nudie Suits" on there album covers and at concerts through out there careers.

Do you sell your products Wholesale?

Yes we sell all our products wholesale. Please contact us via the wholesale order tab on our site tell us a little about your store and we can start the conversion.

What's the difference between Chainstitch and Digital Embroidery?

In a word EVERYTHING. Digital Embroidery is a computer based machine producing linear designs and logo's on garments. Designed to be fast, efficient and mass produced with everything looking exactly the same with absolutely no character.

Chainstitch Embroidery on the other hand has an unmistakable look and feel, it's a style and design that is iconic in the history of fashion. The machine is run by hand and can only be used by a skilled and trained Chainstitch Embroidery artist who has detailed understanding of the machinery and an eye for every detail of the design.


How much does it cost for Chainstitch Embroidery on my garment?

Chainstitch Embroidery is similar to the art form of tattooing in the sense that every piece is custom made and done by hand. At amR we charge out our Chainstitch service by the hour. Feel free to email us your design ideas so we can give you an accurate price. 


 How long does it take once I design and order my garment?

Time frames vary depended on our work load, the design details and where you are based in the world. We will be able to give you an accurate turnaround time once we finalize your order and take a deposit.


Can I send you my jacket to get Chainstitch Embroidery?

Yes. But please keep a few things in mind. amR's core values and brand is rooted in working on high quality denim, canvas and vintage garments. Our advice is if you're going to invest in custom work on your clothing that you start with a garment that is of the highest quality, and something that will last you a life time. If you'd like some resources to help you find this perfect garment please feel free to email us.

Alternatively you can shop our "Blank Canvas Collection" which is highly curated vintage range that we hand select for our customers to have there own custom amR Chainstitch work done. 


Will you help me with design idea's if I don't know what I want?

Yes of course, we love helping our customers with design idea's and offering our experience and feedback is part of that. We do charge a design fee that is quoted on a project by project basis. 



What's your return policy?

Because all our work is custom made we can't except any returns on any garments for any reason. Please keep in mind we sell vintage clothing (meaning it's used). All vintage clothing will have small imperfections or sometimes stains that can't always be shown online. We will provide measurements for all the garments, so please make sure you check your size before ordering.  And please feel free to ask any questions before ordering.