The Story 

All My Relations was founded by artist and designer Kai Brown in 2015. In part amR was born from a customized jacket that Kai’s grandmother ‘Da’ made for him. Da was a master seamstress and huge influence on his life. Through her passion and art, Kai experienced what it is to own clothing that showcased his own personality and self. Knowing that these custom pieces created connection, he recognized an opportunity, and All My Relations was born.

The All My Relations journey solidified with a motorcycle trip to Utah. During a Native American smudge down ceremony by Kai's friend Alex a young Navajo leader spoke the words Mitakuye Oyasin which translates "we are related" which reflects the world view of interconnectedness. 

Kai’s been fortunate enough over the last four years to design and stitch pieces for some of todays top artists and influencers including Jay Z, London On Da Track, Better Than Erza, Butch Walker, Jessica and Ashley Hart, Poppy Delevingne, Giovanna Engelbert as well as designing and collaborating with international brands such as Art Basel, BMW Motor Group, Levis USA and Australia, Wrangler Australia, Shopbop, Outerknown, Ron Herman, Fred Segal, Nordstrom and Safari Magazine Japan.

Kai's love of vintage denim, Surfing, the Australian beach lifestyle and motorcycle culture has lead him to find his own style and inspiration with his creations. Every piece that's sold has been hand stitched and signed by Kai using his "amR" signature. 

When you purchase a design from All My Relations you're buying a piece of hand crafted highly personalized embroidery. Every piece is designed and stitched to the highest of standards. In a world of mass production and “Fast Fashion”, All My Relations is a brand and lifestyle for the person who's looking for a one off, custom, handmade and totally unique piece of wearable art.