amR x Lucia Dami

amR x Lucia Dami


A very special collaboration between the amR studio and Lucia Dami.

The Story -

Lucia is an artist and illustrator who grew up in Switzerland, where she discovered and explored her creativity from a young age. Eventually moving to London where she put on her first solo exhibition, she has since been evolving her work though freelance and personal projects; drawing her inspiration from themes of mysticism, nature, and the many layers of what it means to be alive. During this time, Lucia has found more passion in making art accessible over the ambition of placing it on gallery walls, and this collaboration with All My Relations is a perfect expression of that; merging Lucia’s work with Kai Brown's unique craft of Chainstitch Embroidery, and creating new layers to what each of their work has to offer. Each jacket carries its own personal and sentimental story, but it also becomes a beautiful point of connection through its one of a kind wearable design. 


All jackets are hand made to order so please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery. Jackets are “one of a kind” meaning they will never look 100% the same as the image.


We ship all our products via Fed Ex with a tracking number.

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